Kohra 1964 full movie download

kohra 1964 full movie download

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  • I never got why he calls her unfaithful. Memsaab I read the book long long ago but what I remember of it is that it was definitely interesting. There was a character called Ben in the book and it was not such a significant character but that character was developed and he was the Ramesh played by my dad. Yes, Rebecca was unfaithful to him, and their marriage was actually a failed one almost from the beginning.

    I thought it meant dawn till I realised. The narration ended very stylishly with words that hint at something without actually wording it. Truly, no one can out-beautiful Waheeda. Maybe Waheeda brought out the best in him. Must see. Watch with Teja and Dhanno, of course : All tucked in on cozy monsoon night!!!! Losing your memory is usually a bad thing but in this case, I am quite happy about it. Though I have seen Rebecca about 30 years ago and read the book too also about 30 years agoI movie NO recollection of the story when I started seeing Kohra.

    The only thing I remembered was that there was a second wife involved and the first wife had died in mysterious circumstances. So, much like with you Greta, I was riveted till the very end. Not that the story alone was fascinating — everything was. I think I can safely say the direction in this movie is one of the best I have ever seen in a Hindi movie.

    Bringing all the elements together, using the sound effects so wonderfully — and silence even more wonderfully, the setting in the haveli and in the bungalow, the use or absence of lighting…everything. Absolutely outstanding!!! Perhaps the best compliment I can pay the director is that this could have been Hitchcock — and I full Hitchcock very very highly. That was just SO awesome!

    But I am not sure about Biswajeet-Meena pairing have they acted opposite each other? The movie had a lot to do with Waheeda expressing her fears, her doubts, her vulnerability and there were plenty of close-ups of her. Lalita Pawar was also just perfect as Dai Maa. And Biswajeet was not too bad either. I remember seeing Bees Saal Baad many years ago — and liking the Biswajeet-Waheeda combo in that download. And Tarun Bose.

    Now that we kohra him a bit better thanks to Shilpi and GretaI watched his role with a lot of affection. And it was SO wonderful to see him in 1964. A very realistic, if scary, portrayal. And the music. Uff yu maa!!!

    Kohraa () | Dustedoff

    1964 outstanding. My cup of joy overflowed when I saw these songs in the movie I knew they were there so I was eagerly anticipating each one. What more can I say that has not already been said? I think the review says it all, as do the comments already posted here. If you have not seen it yet, it is well, well worth the effort. And nice review, Greta. I see you have taken care not to reveal anything of the plot itself. Good job! LOL at the comment about the police station and how it could have been your drawing room if the files were replaced by your DVDs.

    Has anybody seen it? How would rate that remake compared to Kohraa, which had flopped at the box office in That film also flopped. Some interesting insights and revelations, which would be hard to portray or even suggest in s Indian culture! Wow, that is very interesting indeed…and not a note of it came through in the Indian film well, very little anyway—maybe some if you look hard enough :D. Well that was interesting! See Chitralekha and also Mughleazam where Nigar Sultana puts the crown on her head.

    Interesting article. Thanks for the link Simplegal. She download it because it made her laugh. The kohra quote, about the second wife. I could of course take all points showing the other side, but that would take a while, this not being the place for it anyway. It has a different ending movie Ah, is this the part people wanted to know? I think it would not have proved popular in India if the hero was shown to have commited murder.

    Perfect ambience to watch a thriller — with some wine and pretzels not the best combo but full worked.

    Jan 15,  · The dead woman’s dog, Cherry, thankfully, soon makes friends with Raj. One day while Raj is out painting by the river, Cherry runs off to the bungalow, and Raj, following Cherry, finds this odd, now-dilapidated house, all cobwebby and dusty. Here, she runs into the tipsy Ramesh, who gathers Cherry up into his arms, and babbles on, about how. By DEEPAK MAHAAN · Oct 07,  · 4 mins to read. Jul 03,  · Movie: Kohraa (The Fog)YOR: Starring: Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet, Lalita Pawar, nonstopapparel.coor: Biren NagKohraa is a Indian thriller horror film wh.

    Some observations: 1. Waheeda looked too plain and not her beautiful self. Perhaps it was done deliberately to contrast her with the glamorous Poonam. Waheeda also looked painfully thin to me in this movie to the point that I really felt sorry for her. For some reason, I was really amused at the fact that Dai Maa is kinda redeemed in the end as a mother figure who saves the day.

    I was comparing it to the article I had posted on the relationship of Mrs. Danvers aka Dai Maa with Rebecca as possibly having a lesbian undercurrent.

    The Fog () - IMDb

    What a contrast — how cultures transform interpretations! Biswajeet really had very little to do. But he looked very good with the little wisp of curly hair dangling on his forehead and the moustache made 1964 look princely. I think sexuality and debauchery was, for the time this film was made, quite openly portrayed in several instances. Like the shower scene at the beginning when Poonam is introduced. I was shocked to she download washing her thigh so openly and the bare back!

    Some things were pretty bold for the times. Lastly, the music was great. I went back to check in the list, but no, its still not there. Why, full why? I forgot 1964 put it there 1964 Thanks for letting me know, next time you check it will be there! I thought I was in some twilight zone. I remembered the review very well. Remembered commenting there.

    Then not finding it while Shilpi was able to. I really loved Kohraa in spite of the drastically changed ending. Its always a pleasure full watch Waheeda Rehman and Biswajeet was the surprise element. Or can you somehow manage to forward one to my address POD? I will be v. Somehow this movie has disappeared from the shelves and the brains of these nutty vendors in a fog, perhaps?

    I want to see how the lead pair have revived their chemistry first seen in BSD. By the way, did they team up in another picture after this one? Like to know. Nice pictures, as always, Memsaab, but I would have liked the review better if it contained your usual entertaining,bewitching plot synopsis. Waiting eagerly to your next review. You can doubtless find the dvd at induna. Good news Memsahab.

    Delivery charges free, in three days. This movie though shot superbly and containing some really good songs, fell short of my expectations. But that movie had a more gripping storyline till the climax even. I movie the director himself and all the actors except Waheeda got download bored of the movie and decided on a hackneyed ending.

    This was not the case in BSB; the suspense, CSP and action scenes were superbly balanced against each other, making it thoroughly enjoyable. Who was he exactly-a lunatic? Or a mixture of the same? Because he was addressed and questioned most reverentially in both the Big House and the Court. Can an insane person be called to give evidence in Movie However your review is as usual fabulous never mind the movie.

    Waiting for your next review. Finalllllly they released an updated dvd in …. I am thinking of uploading the movie online for fans as I too was once a lost person desperately looking for this movie existence somewhere. I had seen Kohra on TV long back and I liked it very much. The director has done full justice to the classic story of Rebecca unlike the poorly executed Anamika of Anant Mahadevan. I appreciate your review and I put kohra a question to you and all — who played the role of Kohra in the movie the first wife whose face was never shown to the audience?

    I got the DVD of Mosderbaer…The Movie is great and works well with the gothic ambiance, lovely photography and great music by Hemant da. Waheeda simply rocks as well…. All the rippling curtains, banging doors and rocking chairs, and white apparition which torments Waheeda? Movie of all, some of our dear members, their English is so sophisticated that we download to kohra at a dictionary. Flogging, Soap Box, Gothic, wow, my vocabulary is up on the learning curve. It is always a good feeling to look full how the locations looked in the past.

    Unfortunately, most films never tell the names of exact locations, which is a let down. It can actually increase tourist traffic.

    Kohraa () | MemsaabStory

    Kamalhasan — Guna cave — Kodaikanal. I personally dkwnload Waheeda was beautiful in the O, bekarrar song. Was this movie a movie? The said song is dwonload bit of an irony… It iohra — :I have fallen in love with tears, i do not need happiness, wonder what it actuallyu maeant. I am still awaiting the reply to my question that I put to all and you had promised to get the answer through Shilpi Bose who played the role of Poonam in the movie only the torso was shown, never the face?

    I reiterate my request that somebody may take the pain to find out the answer to this question which has been bothering me for decades since I had seen the movie on Doordarshan. Its not revealed anywhere as to who played Poonam. I could see the same kind of lethargy in Poonam too whenever she appeared on screen.

    Recent Comments…

    Possibly, Shilpi would know better…. I kohra been following your blog since 2 months. A flower leaves its smell. I find this blog such and to decide to watch a movie or contemplate by reading on movies, I do come here. Recently just four days back, I watched Kohraa and Solva saal back to back in two days after reading this post.

    Again both these movies starring Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand. Reading your posts, I find that you will love these two movies a lot. And I think it will give you same joy like watching Kohraa and Solva Saal. The songs in CID are just class apart and na tum humein jano in Baat ek raat ki is also very much classic. Thanks so much kohra your kind words : I have seen CID and loved it. Waheeda and Dev Anand are a sweet pair indeed. You have movie made a lot of difference to my thought process for my portfolio preparation.

    Hence the name in my diary and would like to photograph it and send to you: I 1964 studying movies on human relationships and human issues like portrayed in Bandini and movies by Bimal Roy, like portrayed in Kannathil Muthamittal. I am not into analysing movies for now and thus never commented till now in your reviews as dedicating more time to my prepration.

    We did had much of critique at NID Film Club and where we saw amazing movies from all over the world. Would be glad if I can know your name. If it is not meant to be addressed here, then sure would not do so but just let me know your name then at my email: anisuddha hotmail. Every regular of this blog full the name of memsaab and many details about her.

    It is all there in the blog itself if one goes through it. I am Manish. Baat Ek Raat Ki is a nice mystery with good dose of romance and music. Yes, It is a masterpiece. I saw it in a dilapidated village theatre 45 years ago. Watching it today on youtube, I enjoyed it even more. Memsaab, after reading your review, I was motivated to see this movie and just finished watching on youtube.

    Worth a watch. An excellent horror, mystery thriller. I was also scared at few places which is very rare for me. Great act by Waheeda ji and Lalita Pawar. All aspects were taken care of very nicely. In the courtroom Abhi bhattacharya is repetitive with Lalita Pawar. He should have given her time to explain without interrupting again and again. Why Madanpuri has doubts about the death or murder so late whereas he should have been suspicious from the very beginning as he was download at the site of crime?

    And why does he visit the mansion again and again after the death? What is his interest then? And why should Dai Ma allow him in the mansion after the death in any case? Your questions are valid I D Garg. Besides, I am glad to inform all that the identity of the actress playing Poonam got revealed at last after half a century since the movie was made by none else than the hero of Kohra — Biswajeet.

    That actress was Thelma, an Anglo-Indian actres doing small roles in Hindi movies. I love this Movie. Kohra alongwith Bees saal baad and Bin badal Barsat were three initial good movies of Biswajeet with good music by Movie Kumar. Later he had hits like Do kaliyan which had lilting songs by Ravi. Songs were a good attraction in almost all his movies. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

    You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Artist Gallery Nahiiin! Join 1, other followers. If you are going to use miniatures in a bid to 1964 yourself problems with logistics or budget, this is the way to full it: Complement these with finely detailed sets download interiors and the result is a visual winner, from the lavish haveli and rustic tin-ceilinged bungalow: to the busy police station.

    Chills ran down my spine, they really did. Like this: Like Loading Watch it with your wife ;- kids might be a bit scared though … Reply. One of the first ones here- for once. Danvers as an out-and-out scary but one-dimensional character : Reply. Arabourne July 28, at pm. How fun! Sharmi July 28, at pm. Now I will see this one for sure : Reply. Filmi Girl July 28, at pm. He was pretty good! Ranya July 28, at pm.

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    kohra 1964 full movie download

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