Curriculum mapping software free download

curriculum mapping software free download

  • OpenCurriculum: Powerful curriculum mapping software for K school districts
  • What is TODCM?
  • The Powerful Curriculum Management System to efficiently plan and manage your courses.
  • Curriculum Mapping Tool - Eberly Center - Carnegie Mellon University
  • TODCM Web Based Curriculum Mapping Open Source Software System
  • Open Source Curriculum Mapping System - Hosting, Support, and Training
  • Curriculum Mapping - Grab a FREE, Editable Template NOW!
  • 3 Free Curriculum Mapping Templates - Download Now! - Chalk
  • Learn more. Categorize and tag teaching materials and instantly search across the district.

    OpenCurriculum: Powerful curriculum mapping software for K school districts

    Analyze curriculum alignment at. Align your content, skills, and assessments to Common Core and more. Empower curriculum. Select a bundle.

    What is TODCM?

    Add implementation. Upto 3 courses unlimited units within each course Upto 3 libraries Fully-featured planner. Unlimited courses, libraries Collaborate with free-tier users 3-business days email support.

    We offer high-quality training for your curriculum teams, leaders and teachers at competitive costs. We cover knowledge and curriculun tutorials on a getting started and embracing the transition, b understanding the best practices in using the platform, c helping teachers and administrators build a vision for curriculum improvement using the tools. Why do we need training?

    Select an optional training and professional development PD option: Basic.

    The Powerful Curriculum Management System to efficiently plan and manage your courses.

    We make moving from your existing data and curriculum setup very easy for you. We build custom automation from your existing data sources and formats to import your curriculum and content, or manually import it when working with proprietary and locked systems. We also import any custom or previously unsupported learnings standards you use. We work with your IT team through this process to help you lower your costs with larger migrations in future.

    Why do we need implementation and integration? Select a one-time implementation and integration option: Bronze. Included in District plan In-depth review of your existing technology, materials, and a roadmap on how you may implement OpenCurriculum successfully.

    Curriculum Mapping Tool - Eberly Center - Carnegie Mellon University

    Designing high-quality curriculum plans has never been easier. Customize curriculum plan. Import your existing Word or PDF. Search, browse, and organize instructional materials being used across the frwe, painlessly. Build libraries of instructional resources uploaded to Google Drive and more. Tag, sort, label, tag with standards and review resources on-the-fly. By adapting the application to softwar multiple demands from our stakeholders; the team has given us a customised solution that allows us to add and edit educational interventions, coursework, learning objectives, and competencies as needed.

    Bespoke change log and search functions permit quick tracking of these items; while the reporting feature allows us to work within the app online, or to export in other formats for sharing or analysis. We have only explored and utilised the tip of the iceberg of the application's capabilities, but the customer support team have made for excellent guides.

    Technology-enabled assessments help students plan and achieve lifelong career success. Using assessment management….

    TODCM Web Based Curriculum Mapping Open Source Software System

    Whatever it be, in current scenario, if the programs do not have an NBA accreditation as yet,…. Curriculum mapping is a systematic process to identify gaps and redundancies within the curriculum…. The traditional K12, higher education institutions, training institutes, and even the corporate…. We know how taxing your accreditation route could get when it comes to collecting evidence,…. Though we work from different places and deal with different challenges and opportunities, at Creatrix we believe that our goal is mutual—to digitally transform higher education institutions.

    By working together, we build breakthroughs, together.

    Open Source Curriculum Mapping System - Hosting, Support, and Training

    Get to know our expertise at no cost advisory service for our solutions and frwe. We are present worldwide and available to show you the best practices—bring up your personal experience, challenges, pain points, perspectives, and your background by filling out this form.

    Curriculum mapping, planning, and standards alignment tool. for K schools and districts. Design high-quality curriculum plans and organize instructional resources all-in-one-place. Sign up for a free demo. Design curriculum plans. and maps effortlessly. Bring your existing and new curriculum plans and maps to life, collaboratively. curriculum mapping free download. TODCM Curriculum Mapping TODCM (Template Object Driven Curriculum Mapping) is an open source curriculum mapping application w as low as you can. This is where our 5 Essential Tools pack comes in. It’s designed to provide you with award-winning software at a price that fits your budget. Dec 23,  · Use your Free Editable Curriculum Map Template to get started. Write down all the major topics you need to cover in a year. Assign each topic to a month that makes sense. Keep in mind that some subjects have topics that must build on each other. Once you have a loose year-long plan in place, complete a monthly or unit plan in the same nonstopapparel.cos: 1.

    We would be happy to connect with you soon. Open configuration options Configure block Edit. Curriculum Management System Outcome-based curriculum mapping software with streamlined planning, designing, and execution Book a Demo.

    Curriculum Mapping - Grab a FREE, Editable Template NOW!

    Open configuration options Configure block Edit view. Catered to Everyone's needs. The most powerful curriculum mapping software. Curriculum framework Approval workflows Versioning Accreditation ready A curriculum mapping software that lets you plan an intensive outcome-based curriculum in just a few clicks The higher education accreditors request more proof and rigorous standards these days; they are looking for structured and comparable curriculum data for accreditation.

    Easy task mappign Assign roles based on hierarchy Automated notifications Streamline curriculum, catalog, and syllabus collaboration Instill curriculum with assessment data and student feedback Graduate attribute mapping.

    curriculum mapping software free download

    Easy-to-use approval workflows that let you spend less softwaare on buy-in Be it a department, institution, or a college, each of them has its own peculiar path to curriculum approval. Design assessments and rubrics Configurable workflow downooad a unique curriculum approval process Course approval process Course catalog generation Create, edit workflows using no-code condition Permit single workflow that handles multiple scenarios Boost process transparency across users. A feature that helps maintain your curriculum versions clean and connected Now that you have proposed, designed, governed, approved, and finally shared the curriculum, you are not done still.

    Curriculum version control Continuous curriculum revision Simplified analysis and reports Curriculum mapping reports. Know More and Connect.

    3 Free Curriculum Mapping Templates - Download Now! - Chalk

    Open source does not mean less sophisticated or less features. TODCM has features that most commercial offerings lack such as real-time PDF generation, unit history comparison, teacher evaluation etc. TODCM's internal software design is enterprise class level with design elements such as token based template security, database prefetching performance enhancements, fully encapsulated template engine and many more The standard open source package includes a sample unit page. This is provided to illustrate the features of TODCM and most schools and organizations would find it useful for basic curriculum mapping.

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    1. Tom Esetok:

      The advantage of a large and well implemented open source project is the project will never go away because it can be maintained and supported the project since all open source projects belong to the public domain. The major functional features such as sharing a unit to another course, unit level file upload, Doc-to-PDF conversion, unit revision comparison are conveniently located on every unit page.

    2. Tim Skye:

      Use intelligent data-driven Insights to identify gaps and opportunities in your curriculum, to better target student success. We apply design thinking practices in our workshops to ensure entertainment in reflective workshops, and not boring lectures.

    3. Tom Esetok:

      Contact us at for issues related to the demo site or template customization. The very first open source software application for curriculum mapping.

    4. Tiffany Brown:

      Curriculum mapping might sound complicated and seem overwhelming. By keeping it as simple as possible and taking a good look at your road map for the school year, it can actually save you stress and time down the road. Basically, curriculum mapping is creating a map of the things you need to cover during the school year.

    5. Paul Casteen:

      Outcome-based curriculum mapping software with streamlined planning, designing, and execution. Easily create, manage, maintain courses, measure learning outcomes, demonstrate student's competencies, and work towards continuous improvement. Identify curriculum gaps and redundancies to improve learning as per accreditation standards; generate reports with targeted learning outcomes.

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