Nonstop Apparel is a premium lifestyle clothing brand, providing you with the most convenient comfort for every hour of the day. Our modern yet simple designed products give you the sense of being apart of something bigger than clothing, it's a movement. A movement for the youth that feel like there isn't enough hours within the day. 

   This brand was created by Cedric Alford and Cameron Mokrenski, the name "Nonstop" comes from the scene of the restless youth and the incessant lifestyle it withholds, stating that your journey in life is unpredictable, but, time is... time never stops. Here at Nonstop we hope to give those people a platform, something to stand for, a place where the tired and anxious can be apart of something greater. We wish to build a community surrounded by like minded individuals that aim to inspire the uninspired. Join us, and be an inspiration. 


                      -Nonstop team.